Government & Statutory Bodies/Authorities

Consultancy and drafting work


Since the late 1980s, we have been regularly appointed by the Federal Government and its agencies to provide consultancy and drafting services for major privatisation and corporatisation exercises. Hitherto, the firm has developed a pre eminent practice in the field of privatisation.  Since the implementation of the privatisation policy by the Federal Government in 1983, the firm has been involved in most of the major privatisation exercises as legal consultant to the Government of Malaysia, Government-owned enterprises, merchant bankers, financial advisers, statutory bodies as well as private sector parties. Amongst the major corporatisation/ privatisation exercises:

  • Feasibility Studies on the privatisation/corporatisation of Government entities, e.g.:
    • Container Terminal of Kelang Port
    • National Electricity Board (NEB) 
    • The Penang Port Commission
    • Malayan Railway Administration
    • National Heart Institute
    • Postal Service Department
    • Department of Civil Aviation
    • Penang Water Authority
    • Perak Water Board
    • Pahang Water Supply Department
  • Corporatisation of statutory bodies/authorities, e.g.:
    • Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN)
    • Lumut Naval Dockyard
    • Malayan Railway Administration 
    • Jabatan Bekalan Air, Johor
    • Urban Development Authority (UDA)
    • Selangor Water Supply Department 
    • Padi Beras Nasional Bhd (BERNAS)
  • Privatisation of major ports, e.g.:
    • Container Terminal of Kelang Port
    • The West Port, Port Kelang
    • Bintulu Port, Sarawak
  • Privatisation (by way of public flotation) of Government companies, e.g.:
    • Malaysian Airline System Berhad
    • Telekom Malaysia Berhad 
    • Tenaga Nasional Berhad
  • Special Studies/Reviews:
    • Privatisation Masterplan
    • Regulatory Framework for Privatised Monopolies
  • Privatisation of the quarries, e.g.:
    • Bukit Jong Quarry, Terengganu
    • Bukit Nyamuk Quarry, Kluang, Johor
  • Privatised Projects/Operations, e.g.:
    • The Transport Terminal and Wet Market, Johor Bahru
    • Duty Free Commercial Zone, Stulang, Johor Bahru
    • Solid Waste Disposal


Legislative Drafting

We have developed a sound practice in the area of legislative drafting.  Since 1989, governmental and regulatory bodies (including Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) have regularly engaged the firm to draft several new laws and regulations as well as to review existing laws and draft amendments to them. Amongst them were -

  • Port (Privatisation) Act 1990 (English and National Language) 
  • Railways Act 1991 
  • Railways (Successor Company) Act 1991 
  • Securities Industry (Central Depositories) Act 1991 (English and National Language)
  • University and University Colleges Act (Amendment) 1996
  • Civil Aviation Regulations 1996 (English and National Language)
  • Water Supply Enactment (for Johor State)
  • Water Supply (Successor Company) Enactment  (for Johor State)
  • Proposed amendments to the Highway Authority Malaysia (Incorporation) Act 1980
We were also engaged by the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) (now known as Bursa Malaysia) to review, revise and consolidate its Rules Relating to Member Companies, Rules for Trading by Member Companies, regulations and guidelines into one single body of rules called “Rules of the KLSE”, and to completely review and amend the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Exchange and the Listing Requirements for the Main Board and the Second Board. The work also included the drafting of the new rules for the introduction of risk management control and reporting.
We have also been appointed by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) as the main solicitors for the preparation of numerous statutes, rules and regulations of the University. In 2004, the firm was also engaged by Open University Malaysia (OUM) to review their constitution.